We empower industry pioneers with tailored 3D printing solutions

Together we create leading-edge 3D printing solutions to change your industry forever. Everything is enabled by our REALvision software, our electronics, and quality partner products.

Industry pioneers powered by Create it REAL

Industry pioneers empowered by Create it REAL

We print the unprintable

Meet our international team of experts. 

We are proud to have an agile team driven by being first-movers and technology owners who print the unprintable daily and transform it into a new standard in your industry.

We make 3D printing technology available for everyone by taking out the complexity.

Incorporate software, electronics and material

Honestly, 3D printing is not simple. When we tailor a solution, our technology bricks and expertise is combined to fit the customers’ needs. If we are missing a technology brick, our engineering team is filling the gaps through agile development, endorsing fast learning

Materials is key

The first key to success in additive manufacturing is finding a suitable 3D printer filament. As part of our 3D printing service, we offer expert consultancy and have deep knowledge of creating profiles for 3D printing materials to replicate a 3D printing process.

The service also includes flexible filaments such as TPU and more fluid/soft filaments for bioprinting (see bioprinting)

REALvision software is the main driver

If you are looking for software for 3D printers, you are in the right place. We are known for making tailored solutions based on our modular REALvision core. In these solutions, 3D printing is flawlessly integrated into making an intuitive solution with all complexity hidden.

In this way, our 3D printing software blends math with physics. Intelligent decision-making controls the 3D printing path, making designing for 3D printing easy and leading to better print results.

Enable secure printing and effective 3D print control

When considering a decentralized solution, you might consider talking to us about how our electronics can help you. First, we focus on improving printer capabilities with our printer control electronics.

But best of all, this also enables secure printing and tracking, which will be vital for your growing business.

Tailored 3D printing solutions

Use us as process consultants. We have a broad insight into the additive manufacturing partners finding the right printer solution for the specific application. In REALvision 3D printer software configuration, we can create profiles and tailor slicing features to get the best and most consistent results.

Part of our service is to customize the print head’s control or modify the hardware to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution.

Imagine what you can accomplish

We are happy to make you a sample based on your 3D design. Send us your design file with the preferred settings, and we will return your free sample. Alternatively, order our standard sample.

We work together to build success

It takes two to tango. It’s the same in business. Success is something we build together with our trusted partners

Ready for the next step?​

Additive manufacturing is still young, but more and more businesses become aware that traditional production methods need alternatives. As a business partner, we help you create the right setup for your 3D printing program. We can start with a consultation or you can order a free sample and we take it from there.