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Who we are

Based in Aalborg, the old Danish “Silicon Valley”, the Create It REAL international team is made up of experts in 3D printing technologies, electronics, 3D graphics and mechanics. We have developed the worldwide first real-time processor dedicated to 3D printing. Based on it, we launched a powerful platform that reduces the time to market by half. It allows up to 5 times printing speed than standard technology and encrypts 3D files from the server down to the printer itself for IP protection.


Experts in 3D printing Technologies

We work mainly with 3D printer manufacturers but also with start-ups willing to enter the 3D printing market as fast as possible, using the best technology available. We provide consulting for companies interested in implementing additive manufacturing to develop their business.

If you need more information and discuss about your 3D printing project: please contact us by filling the form here.

You can also check out our YouTube channel for high speed demos and tutorials

Our team works like an R&D center, developing technology and releasing platform solutions to easily create desktop 3D printer products.

We create custom features and provide excellent platform tools to hide the complexity of this advanced technology.

Allow quick integration of the technology into new products and considerably reducing the time to market.

We allow our clients to focus on what they already know best: production and introducing product to market, while we focus on what we know best: 3D printing technology development.



Jeremie GAY

Title: Founder & CEO

Born: 1981

Education: Telecommunication engineer



Dimo Donev

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Born: 1987

Education: Electronic Engineer



Folmer Brem Nøhr

Title: Chief Innovation Officer

Born: 1987

Education: Electronic Engineer



Lars Kiær

Title: Chief Commercial Officer

Born: 1973

Education: M.Sc. Business Administration




Niels Appel

Title: Chairman of the board

Born: 1962

Education: Civil Engineer, Technical University Denmark

Previous positions: CEO, Cursum A/S; CEO Blueprinter ApS; Executive Vice President, Contex A/S; Director, Microsoft; Director, HP



Finn Halken

Title: CEO & Founder, Furbo & Halken ApS

Born: 1958

Education: M.Sc.EE/Civil Engineer,

Technical University Denmark

Previous positions: CEO Informationsteknik Scandinavia A/S; CEO DIS,

Danish Interpretation Systems A/S;


Other directorships: 

Chairman-/Member of the Board of Directors of:

DIS Thailand Inc., DIS USA Inc., Merus Audio ApS …



Jeremie GAY

Title: Founder & CEO

Born: 1981

Education: Telecommunication engineer



Made logo

Made research :

Manufacturing Academy of Denmark is the Danish national innovation and research platform for the manufacturing industry in Denmark. It was launched as an independent association in 2014 by Danish companies, universities, RTOs, various associations and public and private funds.

Create it REAL is a proud and active member of MADE. For more information please contact us at [email protected]

The challenge today:

MADE aims to facilitate the development of innovative world-class manufacturing solutions in Danish industry. It enables Denmark to compete globally and create employment within the country. MADE achieves its goals through the development of strategic partnerships between research institutes, RTOs and industry. MADE supports and strengthens the manufacturing industry in Denmark through the implementation of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology via applied industrial research projects.

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