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3D printing enables companies to innovate and gain a competitive advantage by applying a new production technique to saturated markets.

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We specialize in the following areas:

Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare

In medical and healthcare systems 3D printers can be used for printing medical devices, organ printing, custom-made prosthetic and much more.



Having a 3D printer at schools and universities is great to support STEM fields, to stimulates creativity, logical thinking and a hands-on attitude.

GeBioM: Bringing insole 3D Printing from prototyping to production

The orthopaedic insole market is significantly increasing these years, as the number of diabetes and foot problem patients continues to rise. A proper personalized insole significantly increases the comfort and well-being of such patients. The orthopaedic insole production is currently challenged by the lack of trained orthopaedic technicians, and many manual and time-consuming workflows.

The partnership between GeBioM and Create it REAL solves this issue by automating and digitalizing the workflow, thereby allowing an orthopaedic shoemaker to triple the production capacity and create even better products than what is possible today.

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Spentys: Belgium software company enabling mass tailor-made orthopedic devices

“Today, we focus on in-house development of the orthoses, but we’re now dead set on bringing on-demand 3D printing service lines to more medical centers through this partnership with Create it REAL. This partnership will open up exciting pathways and enable orthopedic providers to tap into previously unavailable technology and possibilities.”

Florian De Boeck, Spentys’ co-founder & CTO


WEISTEK: Chinese company that envisions to educate the next generation of Chinese students

“We want to improve education in China and promote a learning space for children to create, collaborate and build self-confidence. Using 3D printers, students are encouraged to create, share and improve their inventions. This elevates their problem-solving skills and their determination to keep innovating with new ideas.”

Vicky Chen, CEO of WEISTEK


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