Orthotics & Prosthetics print service

Get your seat, corset, or insoles 3D printed in top quality. We use your custom design and meet your material, strength, quality, and functionality requirements.

We 3D print your quality products – your customers, your design

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Looking to replace traditional foam? Try to 3D print insoles and seating.
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Get started using our design service and training program.
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Start the transition now and future-proof your business.

Get stated 3D printing your products

Digital-first is, for many, the biggest obstacle to overcome. We have established our process to support you in digitalizing your crafting. We offer the following services:

  • Design guidelines
  • CAD design service
  • Training in data capturing and digitalization
  • Preparation of print with multi-stiffness or multi-softness zones

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3D Print on demand

With orthotics and prosthetics print service, we offer you the possibility of 3D printing orthotic applications using our print service without any commitment. You will get: 

  • Access to our 3D printing experts who enables you to offer better products to your patients 
  • Quality products with improved properties thanks to Programmable Foam®:
  • Strength – We have developed unique features that add enhanced strengths and endurance to your products
  • Functionality  – You can add different hardness and softness zones to your products to improve the orthotic results. 

Try before you buy

Our 3D print service allows you to concentrate on your product while entrusting production to us. Should you require the same solution in the future, it’s a seamless transition, as we utilize the same 3D printing technology available for general sales. You will get:

  • The chance to test our solutions and see the results you will get on your own models
  • Try our materials (Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polypropylene) and see the advantages for yourself
  • Our expert advice to achieve the most optimal outcome of your models
  • Our support so you can get started smoothly on your digital journey.

Tailored to your needs

Our team is taking care of your order personally to ensure we are meeting your needs. Read more about how the print service works and who are the people behind the scenes.

Five steps to get your custom 3D print

We can not promise it to be frictionless, but we will help you overcome the distractions and make it worth the work. This is what happens when you have the digital version of your print:

  1. Submit a prepared file to 3D print
  2. You get a quote
  3. You place the order
  4. We 3D print
  5. The order is shipped to you

Ready for the next step?​

 You can submit the form to get started, or as a business partner, we can help you create the proper setup for your 3D printing program. We can start with a consultation.