3D bioprinting​

Reach your goals with 3D printing

Reach your goals with 3D printing

We are your facilitator to unlock the benefits of 3D printing. In this case, we are looking into bioprinting. The technology is getting ready, but there is still land to cover to get it to a commercialized level. 

Being curious is in our DNA, and therefore we have been involved in several projects to uncover the potential of using 3D bioprinting for food, bone structures, and even organs. The overall end goal is to be able to 3D print spare parts for humans, but that is in the future.

3D printing bone implants and organs

The limit is constantly moving, and we now we are ready to print using fluids like silicone. We have experience printing organs for medical training, which can help train the staff before complicated surgeries and even shorten the time in surgery for the patient.

Print the unprintable

We investigate every corner of additive manufacturing with a dedicated team to keep printing the unprintable.

We are always open to trying something new, and please feel free to challenge us.