A sneak PEEK at the Slicer Powering 3D Labs’ High Temperature 3D printer

A sneak PEEK at the Slicer Powering 3D Labs’ High Temperature 3D printer

The printing of high-temperature materials, such as PEEK and Ultem, requires careful consideration of every part of the printing process. Jacksonville, Florida based 3D Labs carefully considers every aspect of the mechanical design of the machine, as well as commercial-grade custom firmware. Now, they are also adding their own slicing software to the printer, powered by Create it REAL’s REALvision platform. The new slicing software, ION, will be launched alongside the X400 printer.

“I was excited to see how Create it REAL’s technology could create great results fast. The prints came out great, and especially the High-Temperature materials came out in fantastic quality. On top of this, we were able to get the slicer customized to fit our needs, both in terms of slicing and branding” – Shane Warner

3D Labs are following Fusion3 as a growing number of 3D printer manufacturers who choose to use Create it REAL’s slicing technology with their printers. According to Jeremie Gay, CEO of Create it REAL, this is due to the unique strategic value provided by having a technology partner:

“Today, as a 3D printing manufacturer, your choices in slicing software are quite limited. The open source slicers on the market are mostly developed and maintained by competing 3D printing manufacturers, and the “Off The Shelf” solutions just won’t cut it. At Create it REAL, we form strong strategic partnerships that allow our customers to get exactly the solution they need” – Jeremie Pierre Gay.

The ION slicing software will bring the following benefits to 3D Labs’ customers:

  • Material profiles for engineering-grade materials such as Carbon Fiber PEEK and Ultem, PSU, PC, ABS, ASA etc. Providing great print quality for each of our certified materials.
  • New dual head features.
  • Modifier objects allow for precise assignment of infill densities throughout the object . This can be used to optimize for weight or print speed.

Danish Create it REAL elevates the 3D printing industry to the next level, enabling a true manufacturing revolution. With slicing software and control technology, Create it REAL works with companies who want to introduce 3D printing as part of their business, as well as 3D printer manufacturers who want to push their technology to the next level.

As a pioneer in the affordable ultra-high-performance digital manufacturing and prototyping arena, 3D Labs has made 3D printing services, 3D printers, and equipment available to small and mid-sized businesses and individuals who otherwise could not afford it.

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