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3D printing slicer software

Get easy access to powerful slicing capabilities

Reliable Online slicing and beautiful interface


By moving our slicing to the cloud, we offer you slicing anywhere, and on almost any device. Perfect for educational settings, or in large organizations, we can also customize the solution to your needs. Discover the easy to use solution today.

Strong application for the professional user and most flexible slicer for complicated slicing needs.

Realvision for construction

For the demanding professional, REALvision Pro offers well integrated features that can be used to bring 3D printing to the next level. This is the slicer for construction, demanding industrial applications, or other applications where you need full control.

Access our slicing core through an online API, and integrate it in your solution

REALvision Online Slicing API

Our API is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to create a service centered around 3D printing. It is now possible to use our slicing core to fit your exact business model, or current technical solution.

3D printing electronics

Make your 3D printer faster and more reliable

Nano second precision, developed from scratch

Create it REAL provides the only processor developed specifically for 3D printing. With nano-second precision the REALtime processor improves speed while maintaining the print quality.

The brains of your 3D printer, at a great price point.


The System on Board provides you with our computation modules at a good price point. Further you can use the System on Board to design exactly the solution you need, whether it is automation components, connectivity, or even price optimization.

Based on documentation we provide, and you will be able to benefit from our improved architecture.

Professional motherboard. Made in Denmark.


With the System on Board and the Bluefin Motherboard we can provide you with a full electronics solution, perfect for modern 3D printers. Packed with safety features, and with an expandable WiFi board you can get maximum value out of your 3D printer.

Secure 3D printing

Deliver products safely at the speed of a broad band connection.

Mass customization and decentralized production is impossible without protection of intellectual property rights. Because we provide end to end encryption, from the cloud to the real time control, we guarantee the highest level of safety.

Your proprietary objects are stored as encrypted print files that are transferred to Create it REAL’s real time processor, which decrypt the files in real time. This gives the possibility to constrain the printing of the object to a certain amount of objects, or a certain time period. This opens up a multitude of business models that were until now not possible.

Want to get the most out of your 3D printer?

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