Embrace REALvision software

Prepare the insoles for printing by easily applying soft and hard zones for pressure relief and enhanced comfort


Bring your orthopedic expertise into the digital age and manufacture in-house


Apply density zones

Enhance your insoles by incorporating soft and hard zones

Accurate time management

Prepare your object with precise printing time and accurate material estimation

24/7 production system

Uninterrupted production without human interaction

A streamlined workflow

REALvision Embrace CAM software enables a streamlined single workflow to produce your products. The production process of a 3D-printed insole involves three steps:

  1. Create a 3D model to generate the design file.
    Input sources can include a foam impression kit, 3D scanner, pressure mapping, or parametric data.

  2. Use the software to easily add soft and hard zones precisely where needed, with an intuitive slider.
    Our patented technology seamlessly incorporates gradients between these zones.

  3. Prepare, preview, and print your model.
    Gain a precise estimation of the printing time and material usage.

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Build preparation for insoles

”I like the paint-on modifiers feature. It lets me paint easily on a model and create modifiers without opening CAD and spend time on creating shapes there. It saves a lot of time.”

Screen with insole

Easy-to-use modifiers to add soft and hard zones

Design freedom

The modifiers features in REALvision Embrace CAM software enable you to take full control of the internal regions of your products and incorporate customized gradient zones freely and simply. There are three ways to do this:

  • Apply soft and hard zones by painting on the model’s surface with paintable surface-based modifiers using different brush sizes 
  • Add soft and hard zones by embedding shapes within your model by using pre-installed modifiers 

Accurate time management

REALvision Embrace CAM software enables you to prepare your object with precise printing time and accurate material estimation.

Planning production time is essential for precise scheduling, maximizing throughput, and customer care. With REALvision Embrace software you will know the actual print time that is based on calculation and not on assumptions.


Precise printing time and material information

Automatic extraction of insoles

Continuous production

Do you have more machines working in production? REALvision Embrace CAM software enables 24/7 production without human interaction:

  • Soft extraction
    The print is automatically removed from the print bed when it is done driven by the software and with a help of a small hook.
    Soft extraction can be enabled with almost any printer – you just need an easy hardware update: the automatic extraction hook, that is very easy to mount. Everything else relies on the software.
  • Camera validation
    A camera is premounted on the hardware that checks if the object has been extracted correctly and makes sure that the print bed is clear for the next print. This possible with an AI algorithm developed specifically for this task. 
  • Print manager
    The print server observes the available printers and the print manager allows you to monitor your print jobs over WiFi. You can see the status – the name of the file, print time left, and percentage completed, – you can cancel or restart prints 

Print manager showing the current print jobs

Visualize the results

  • Modifier overlap view allows you to see how the modifiers will be embedded in the printed object. You can get a better sense of how the hardness and stiffness zones are applied.
  • Print preview allows you to see the results in detail in advance. The feature provides a complete 2D and 3D simulation of your print, showing how it will look and ensuring that everything is correctly aligned and positioned. The preview feature is easy to use. Upload your 3D model into our software and select the preview option. From there, you can rotate the model, zoom in and out, and view it from any angle. The 2D preview option allows you to see a flattened representation of the print to check your print layer by layer.
Screen with insole

Detailed interactive print preview

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