Embrace Corset solution

Framed for correction, designed for comfort: take orthopedic corrective braces to an entirely new level with 3D print technology.

Embrace CorsetMaker

A next new normal in spinal correction: When correction and comfort go hand-in-hand

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Design with rigid and flexible zones for optimal correction and comfort
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Minimal material usage resulting in lightweight braces
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Create a simpler, faster, and more cost-efficient workflow

Imagine what you can do for your clients

With variable stiffness, we are ready to produce orthopedic corsets, spinal braces, and body jackets with unique properties. Get inspired and innovate what you could do for your clients.

Everything you need to 3D print user-customized orthopedic corrective braces

The Embrace Corset solution

User-friendly software

Modify print parameters and change the stiffness zones to optimize the final result with the build preparation software.
Embrace REALvision
Embrace CorsetMaker

Print with CorsetMaker

The reliable Embrace CorsetMaker is specialized to continously print corrective braces as a production system
Embrace CorsetMaker

Master PP printing

Polypropylene (PP) has unique properties which are ideal for orthopedic applications that require durability and flexibility.

Polypropylene (PP) is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer. This means that components 3D printed with PP can be recycled and used for 3D printing again. That's how it is possible to produce with nearly zero waste and minimal environmental impact with this solution.

Printed in polypropylene material

We use 3D print filament made from PP (Polypropylene) material. Today, most customized corsets are made with PP, an approved material for orthopedic corsets: 

  • Great recycling scheme with zero-waste
  • No dust in the production
  • Hygienic and washable properties

Journey into the digital transformation

Benefit from a proven production solution and replace hand-crafting with Embrace 3D printing technology. It enables you to streamline production while supplying enriched value and quality of life for your clients.

  • Build superior corrective braces
  • Save time and labor in the production process
  • Achieve cost-effective production

Create a better correction today

3D printed corset illustration with description
3D printed corset illustration
3D printed corset illustration description

Try before you buy: Orthotics & prosthetics print service

  • Try Programmable Foam®: use the orthotics & prosthetics print service. We use your design and requirements.
  • Test our capabilities: order a free sample

Are you ready to leap into smart production now?

Corset making process with Embrace CorsetMaker
Corset making process with Embrace CorsetMaker

With an Embrace solution, orthopedic professionals can seamlessly transfer their knowledge to the final product without concerns about labor-intensive and dusty production processes. Instead, they can obtain a high-end product of exceptional quality.

Integrate our Embrace solution with your existing digital setup, or allow us to assist you in selecting the ideal digital workflow for your needs. We collaborate with various partners and prioritize your unique process.

How to get started with 3D printed corrective braces?

We are prepared to assist you in implementing a digitalized workflow and starting production through 3D printing.

  • Define your business case
  • Create samples
  • Determine a suitable solution
  • Control and initiate production.
  • Scale production

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