Embrace Seat solution

Crafted for comfort, designed for a better tomorrow: step into the world of 3D-printed seats and cushions today.

The quality of custom seats and cushions has reached a new magnitude with Programmable Foam®

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An internal structure with incredible ventilation


Washable, even in a washing machine, and dries fast.


Various hardness zones with smooth transitions.

Everything you need to 3D print user-customized seats and cushions

The Embrace Seat solution


User-friendly software

Modify print parameters and change the hardness zones to optimize the final result with the build preparation software
Embrace SeatMaker

Print with SeatMaker

Embrace SeatMaker is specialized to print wheelchair seats or cushions in utilizing our Programmable Foam® technology.
CreaTECH TPU filament

Certified TPU material

Print Programmable Foam® using our certified material to obtain a hygienic, comfortable, and breathable seats.

Journey into the digital transformation

Take advantage of a well-tested production solution and bid farewell to the burden of working with dust and foam. Embrace 3D printing technology that enables you to streamline production while providing enhanced value and quality of life for your clients.

  • Produce superior seats and cushions.
  • Save time and labor in the production process.
  • Achieve cost-effective production.
SeatMaker printing
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Create a better seating today

3D printed seat illustration
3D printed seat illustration

Try before you buy: Orthotics & prosthetics print service

  • Try Programmable Foam®: use the orthotics & prosthetics print service. We use your design and requirements.
  • Test our capabilities: order a free sample

High-end foam product

Programmable Foam® is more than just a 3D-printed alternative to traditional foam. By transitioning to additive manufacturing, you can unlock value-adding characteristics for your foam products. Take a closer look:

  • The gyroid infill structure efficiently distributes pressure
  • Softer zones alleviate pressure points
  • Hygienic and washable properties
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Zero-waste and sustainable production
  • Cost-effective to produce

The technology switch influences everything in your daily work with seats and cushions. You may go from hiding the crafting in a dusty part of your workshop to putting it up front in the store. 

Are you ready to leap into smart production now?

Seat making process with Embrace SeatMaker
Seat making process with Embrace SeatMaker

With an Embrace solution, orthopedic professionals can seamlessly transfer their knowledge to the final product without concerns about labor-intensive and dusty production processes. Instead, they can obtain a high-end product of exceptional quality.

Integrate our Embrace solution with your existing digital setup, or allow us to assist you in selecting the ideal digital workflow for your needs. We collaborate with various partners and prioritize your unique process.

How to get started with 3D printed seats or cushions?

We are prepared to assist you in implementing a digitalized workflow and starting production through 3D printing.

  • Define your business case
  • Create samples
  • Determine a suitable solution
  • Control and initiate production.
  • Scale production

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