Cubix - 3D printed insoles

Reach your goals with 3D printing

We are your facilitator to unlock the benefits of 3D printing with soft, elastic, and flexible materials.

With a customized printing strategy we help you leverage your products. The advantages include:​

  • Superior prints of medical-grade customized devices
  • Saving time in the production process
  • Skipping the molds and excessive waste

Customized printing of insoles

Individually customized insoles that fulfill the requirements of persons with foot problems require expertise and in-depth knowledge to produce.

Traditionally, the production process involves manual work and a high percentage of wasted material. Our solution for 3D printing insoles comprises an effortless operation, and we use 100% recyclable filaments. Our partner Marcel Domenghino, CEO of GeBioM says:

“Together with Create it REAL we can offer an integrated process from scan to printed insole. Reducing manual work and the need for technical know-how. “​

Want to learn more about the Cubix solution?

Please feel free to reach out to our business developer Lene Jensen