Imagine, design, 3D print, repeat

The real magic of additive manufacturing happens in synergy between the data acquisition, CAD program, slicer, material, and printer. Ask us how to raise your current 3D printing to the demanded level.

Enable local mass customization

Did you know how to use 3D printing as a value-adding alternative to traditional crafting? Common factors that encourage our customers to look at their value chain:

  • Lack of resources like raw materials and human resources
  • Waste-producing crafting processes
  • Time- and cost-consuming transportation

You can achieve frictionless, mass-customized, local production with the proper setup. Talk to us about additive manufacturing and how to start simple and scale frictionless. 

Imagine what you can accomplish

We are happy to make you a sample based on your 3D design. Send us your design file with the preferred settings, and we will return your free sample. Alternatively, order our standard sample.

Fusion3: Professional American 3D printer manufacturer

“With this collaboration, we were able to better control our own destiny, and provide the slicing solution that our customers need right now. Fusion3 is focused on delivering affordable, high-performance 3D printers to our commercial and high-end education customers. The addition of REACTOR takes our printers’ performance to even higher levels.”

Chips Royce​, CEO at Fusion3 Design​

House of 3D printing

Meet our international team of experts in our house of 3D printing technologies.

We are proud to have an agile team driven by being first-movers and technology owners. 

Additive manufacturing is a key to balanced and circular production with a focus on maximizing the use of resources and reducing transportation. To make this possible, we create 3D printing technology available for everyone by taking the complexity out.

We work together to build success

It takes two to tango. It’s the same in business. Success is something we build together with our trusted partners

Ready for the next step?​

Additive manufacturing is still young, but more and more businesses become aware that traditional production methods need alternatives. As a business partner, we help you create the right setup for your 3D printing program. We can start with a consultation or you can order a free sample and we take it from there.