What to 3D print?

What to 3D print?

Are you looking for 3D printing ideas of actual functioning objects? 3D printing is commonly used to print cosplays and decorative objects, but with our series #3DFunctionalFriday we are showing that you can print actual functional objects.

Check out our Instagram where you can see a preview of what #3DFunctionalFriday is all about.

We know that you just want to print, so we made your life easier and the only thing that you need to do to get your gcode is click on the picture of the 3D printed model that you are interested below and click on print after.

We are always updating this page, so make sure to bookmark it and to follow us on instagram @createitreal to be the first one to see the functional object of the week. Also, if you do print any of these, don’t forget to tag us so we can re-post it! ūüėČ

Click on the image to get the model 

Heart Shape Necklace

> Designed by @martinpmp at


Laptop Stand

> Designed by @DennisP at


Earbud Case

> Designed by @walterhsiao at


Glasses Stand

> Designed by @muzz64 at


Bike Bottle Holder

> Designed by @francfalco at


Bird House

> Designed by @APC514 at


Soap Holder

> Designed by @Vincent6m at


Bottle Handle

> Designed by @Coco Paq at


Phone Stand

> Designed by @snuffy110 at


Plant Clip

> Designed by @PeterZwegat at


Pen Holder

> Designed by @ccetinkaya at


Cotton Container

> Designed by @alexlpr at



> Designed by @Steve5092 at Thingiverse


Bag Hanger

> Designed by @mattiadallavia from


Sink Drain

> Designed by @EduardoFoltran from


Screw Measuring

> Designed by @cmh from thingverse


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