Accelerating the adoption of 3D printing in the orthopedics industry with Spentys


Accelerating the adoption of 3D printing in the orthopedics industry with Spentys

Spentys and Create it REAL partner to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing facilities at orthopedic providers.

Aalborg January 22nd 2020 – Create it REAL, a Danish 3D printing technology company and Spentys, a Belgium software company enabling mass tailor-made orthopedic devices, join forces to accelerate 3D printing adoption at orthopedic providers through a new partnership.

Spentys’ 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing platform allows orthopedic providers to automate the development of immediate fitting & custom-made orthoses. The company uses advanced artificial intelligence, cloud software, and 3d technology to advance state of the art in orthoses. Spentys empowers medical experts globally to improve the quality of care of their patients vastly.

Create it REAL, on the other hand, has been developing customizable electronics and slicer software for the 3D printing industry. The team also recently launched a new encryption module and algorithms preventing industrial reverse-engineering as well as preventing 3D file piracy and guaranteeing file integrity. With Create it REAL’s building block within 3D print core technology, they enable companies like Spentys to take full advantage of the benefits from 3D Print: Accessibility, mass customization, speed, and reliability.

“3D printed customized splints & casts have many advantages for patients: they are lighter than traditional solutions, they are waterproof, they enable you to be still active while wearing the orthosis or cast, and the open structure makes them more comfortable,” said Florian De Boeck, Spentys’ co-founder & CTO.

“Today, we focus on in-house development of the orthoses, but we’re now dead set on bringing on-demand 3D printing service lines to more medical centres through this partnership with Create it REAL. This partnership will open up exciting pathways and enable orthopedic providers to tap into previously unavailable technology and possibilities.”

The goal of this partnership is to develop and validate a 3D printing manufacturing pilot line of limb orthoses, which in the end, is meant to be installed in the orthopaedic provider’s practice. “And that’s precisely why Spentys wants to work closely with orthopaedic providers and offer a local 3D printing solution that will fit seamlessly into the orthopaedic provider’s current patient flow & workflow” Louis-Philippe Broze, co-founder & CEO of Spentys added.

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Since 2017, Spentys has produced more than a thousand 3D-printed splints in Belgium and is rapidly expanding its service to other countries in Europe, starting with the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and the UK. The partnership with Create it REAL will allow development of a high-speed FDM 3D printer that can be installed directly on the orthopaedic provider’s premises for faster delivery and cost saving. Through advanced software technology, smart algorithms and Spentys’ user-friendly interface, orthopaedic providers will be able to scan, adjust and print from a simple user interface, all in their practice itself. The partnership will include the implementation of Create it REAL’s electronic platform and REALvision slicer software to increase the 3D printing process speed and security.

“There are many benefits for orthopaedic providers who are considering implementing on-demand 3D printing service lines” Louis-Philippe Broze says. “In-house manufacturing significantly improves turnaround time by eliminating shipping. Quality control can be done onsite, and it enables orthopaedic providers to share knowledge and skills to handle complex cases and create innovative patient solutions.”

Jeremie Gay, Create it REAL’s CEO added: “We believe our platform can help companies like Spentys to build a customized solution to meet their customer’s needs. Orthopaedic providers are not 3D printing experts and should not lose their time on the technical aspect. The technology complexity is hidden, and all parameters are defined automatically to get the best print. The reliability and speed are also important to make sure the orthopedic providers can offer an efficient 24/7 service.”


The system will also include a secured platform based on Create it REAL encryption solution. Orthopaedic providers will be able to access the patient 3D scans and data securely while the splint 3D file will be encrypted to guarantee the file integrity during the whole process.

For more information on Spentys’ 3D printed medical solutions and questions regarding this study or our future studies, please check or contact the team directly at [email protected].

For more information on Create it REAL’s technology please visit or contact the team at [email protected]
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777455

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