Create It REAL 11th Anniversary

Create It REAL 11th Anniversary

This week Create it REAL turns 11 years old and we are really proud of our journey here so far.

In the recent years we started embracing different projects and challenges and the goal for the years to come is to accelerate this rhythm.

We wanted to share our development in this period, so we created an infographic that shows the major milestones that we had over the years.

2009: Create it REAL was founded

Jeremie Gay, founder and CEO, was passionate about 3D Printing, and he started the company from the basement of his house by building his own 3D Printer.


2012: Development of first control board prototype

We developed our first control board prototype! At first it was too big and complicated to use, but allowed us to test different ideas and concepts


2013: Creation of the first worldwide real-time processor for 3D Printers

We saw that there was a need for faster printing so we developed the first worldwide real-time processor for 3D printers.


2014: First product released to the market

Our very first product for the market was born: our 3D printing electronics and slicing software. In this year we went to a show in England TCT, and everybody was amazed by how fast it printed, back then this was a novelty!


2014 – 2017:Secure 3D printing technology

Because we developed all the technology from scratch and were constantly improving it, at this period we were able to develop a high-speed and secure 3D printing technology


2017: 3D Printed Organs

Create it REAL got involved in a project to print 3D printed organ models for students and medical professionals to practice on. We worked together with Inova DE, University of Heidelberg and The University of Tübingen, funded within the framework of the Eurostars Programme.


2018: Capital boost and new projects

We received a capital boost of € 1.3 Million. This allowed us to have a productization of superior 3D printing core technology with high speed printing, ease of use and secure printing.


2018: 3D Printed Food

We used our expertise in order to 3D print easy to eat and tasty food for patients that had difficulties swallowing their medicine. This was a cooperation with Aarhus University, Aalborg Universitetshospital, Københavns Universitet , Arla Foods and DuPont.


2019: 3D Printing Concrete

Create it REAL, in partnership with S-Squared team (USA), developed a new approach to 3D printing concrete and that was used to print a house in a matter of hours!


2019: 3D Printing Solution for Education

Started high volume production of high speed 3D printing solution for the education market in order to provide intuitive solutions for students and teachers

2020: Stay tuned for our next projects

Create it REAL wants to thank everybody that has been part of this 11 years journey.
If you want to hear more about what we do and how can we help you use additive manufacturing to achieve your goals, contact us.


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