Multi-stiffness control

Prepare the corrective brace for printing by easily applying rigid and flexible zones for correction and comfort.

Take control of your treatment plan with next-level precision in the brace design


Import your 3D model

Import your design file of choice and modifiers into our build preparation software

Apply multi-stiffness

Enhance your orthopedic braces by incorporating rigid and flexible zones

Accurate time management

Slice your object for precise printing time and accurate filament calculation

We've made things simpler by handling all the technical aspects—print strategies, temperatures, speeds. Now, your expertise can be directed straight at what matters: choosing multi-stiffness for the perfect balance between correction and comfort. That's where the real value shines through.

Design freedom

Our REALvision Embrace CAM software empowers you to utilize features such as ‘automatic support generation,’ the option for ‘solid, rigid or flexible zones,’ a lattice structure for ‘optimized us of material,’ and the ability to select from predefined quality settings.

With REALvision Embrace CAM software, you can also:

  • Integrate customized gradient zones to adjust multi-stiffness between rigid and flexible
  • Preview the print before finalizing
  • Streamline the 3D printing process within a unified workflow.

Integrate to your CAD system or scanning tools

Do you already have an existing production setup? We can integrate scanning and CAD design seamlessly. Upgrade to mass production without missing the advantages of a simple and sustainable solution.

Integration into your CAD software makes it possible to prepare the print and add the corset to the print management system in one go, using a cloud-based version of the REALvision software engine.

With several printers connected, you can have a central print farm or manage several printers in local store locations, creating a decentralized print farm.

Create and control your treatement plan

With the Embrace Corset solution, you can 3D print custom correction braces in polypropylene (PP) filament. In the solution, we use a unique and patented feature to print rigid and flexible zones with smooth graduation between the different zones, making it pleasant without sharp transitions in the final product.

The flow for manufacturing the brace is as follows:

  • Digitalization of the individual torso using a 3D scanner device
  • Designing the brace and making customized corrections for optimal treatment and corrections using a CAD design tool
  • Preparation of manufacturing in CAM software
  • 3D printing the correction brace

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