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Proven technology to produce high-quality 3D printed orthopedic insoles hassle-free and fast

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Insole production made simple with one dedicated system

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Print with InsoleMaker

Effortless 3D printing of orthopedic insoles with a dedicated printer
Embrace insole solution

Easy to maintain

Easy-to-follow maintenance procedure to maximize throughput
3D printed insoles

Start your production

Produce custom orthopedic insoles directly in your workshop

You don't need any technical skills for this – hit the 'print' button, and you'll witness melted TPU turning into top-notch orthopedic insoles. Unlike regular 3D printers, the InsoleMaker serves as your specialized partner for making outstanding insoles.

InsoleMaker 2.0 3D printer

You will need a 3D printer that suits the job to make specialized insoles. It requires unique technology to control the printing of soft TPU. The InsoleMaker is designed for 3D printing orthopedic insoles in this challenging material while simultaneously being easy to operate by the clinic personnel.

The InsoleMaker 2.0 is a second-generation fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer with a proven track record in orthopedic stores. It has a heated spool chamber, automatic bed leveling, onscreen assisted guides, and minimal maintenance. Of course, a working space is large enough for a size 50 insole.

Unique InsoleMaker

Here are some key specifications that set the Embrace InsoleMaker apart:

  • Optimized for soft TPU, specifically for flexible orthopedic insole applications
  • Workspace dimensions: 39 cm x 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Material properties: Certified and approved CreaTECH TPU filament
  • Automatic bed leveling
  • Optional: Continuous production with automatic extraction

Automatic Extraction for insoles

Increase your production hours effortlessly with this innovative feature.

The automatic extraction option presents a seamless enhancement to the Embrace Insole solution, allowing production to continue beyond regular office hours. With this advancement, the insole is automatically detached and gently guided down a ramp, sliding into a designated box. A built-in camera diligently assesses the success of the extraction.

On the software front, a sophisticated queuing system initiates the next printing cycle as soon as the camera confirms the print bed is empty.

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