Embrace CorsetMaker

A tailored CorsetMaker machine configured to take the complexity out of 3D-printing orthopedic spinal braces.

Embrace CorsetMaker with female

3D printing is made simple with a dedicated system

Embrace CorsetMaker

Straightforward 3D printing

Experience hassle-free 3D printing of orthopedic braces using a dedicated printer.
Embrace CorsetMaker with male

Easy to maintain

CorsetMaker includes a maintenance scheme with clear instructions for non-technical users

Start your production

This provides an immediate, modern alternative to traditional crafting

Operating the CorsetMaker is a breeze – no technical expertise is required. Just initiate the 'print' command, and you'll witness the transformation of PP filament into high-quality end products. Unlike typical 3D printers, the CorsetMaker is designed exclusively for crafting sustainable and cost-effective corrective braces.

Just press print

The carefully selected CreaTECH PP filament is chosen for its exceptional qualities, specifically tailored to achieve the optimal rigidity and flexibility required for the application. This filament is a critical component of the Embrace Corset solution. However, it’s important to note that the production of corrective braces necessitates dedicated equipment.

Distinguishing itself from off-the-shelf 3D printers, the CorsetMaker offers the following distinct advantages:

  • Purpose-built for large-scale object fabrication using PP material.
  • Mitigating the need for an in-depth understanding of printer specifications and material characteristics.

An added benefit is eliminating post-processing requirements, resulting in significant time and effort savings.

Unique CorsetMaker

Here are some key specifications that set the Embrace SeatMaker apart:

  • Optimized for CreaTECH PP, specifically for corrective brace applications
  • Workspace dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 65cm
  • Material properties: Certified and approved PP filament
  • Automatic spool change system for maximum utilization
  • Automatic bed leveling

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