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Let's talk about Programmable Foam

Our process involves 3D printing foam using a soft TPU material, which enables us to incorporate multiple hardness zones within a single application. By utilizing our REALvision printer software, we have full control over defining the level of hardness or softness in each zone, and we can also create seamless transitions between them. This approach offers numerous benefits, as Jeremie Gay, founder and CTO, explains.

Jeremiw with Programmable Foam
Play Video about Jeremiw with Programmable Foam

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3D printing business solutions enable local mass customization

Did you know how to use 3D printing as a value-adding alternative to traditional crafting? Common factors that encourage our customers to look at their value chain:

  • Lack of resources like raw materials and human resources
  • Waste-producing crafting processes
  • Time- and cost-consuming transportation

You can achieve frictionless, mass-customized, local production with the proper setup. Talk to us about additive manufacturing and how to start simple and scale frictionless. 

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Additive manufacturing is still a young technology with possibilities to be discovered, workflows to be implemented, and research projects to be commercialized.

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