2019 07 – Erasmus Plus Project – Romania training

Erasmus Plus Project

2019 07 – Erasmus Plus Project – Romania training

Last week, our team has joined the “We are the maker!” Erasmus project session which took place in Târgoviște in Romania.
This session goal was to introduce Online Editors to program interactive scenarios. Using Scratch 2.0, Scratch for Arduino, Makecode, linked with Microbit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the teams worked on small projects to understand all these tools. Connecting different sensors like accelerometers, gyro, light or humidity sensors and building programs to make them work was a great experience. Ultimately, the goal will be to produce manuals about how to design and use an intelligent object for interaction aims, which will be covered by the output 3 (IO3).


Project number: 2017-1-DE03-KA201-035615



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