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REALvision Slicer

– Intuitive User interface ideal for both beginners and 3D printing experts

– A wide range of infills for optimum weight/strength ratio

– Customizable UI for 3D printer manufacturer OEM branding





Check out our tutorial videos to learn REALvision key functions

The perfect solution for 3D printer manufacturers

REALvision is a reliable and intuitive slicer software that can be customized to match manufacturer’s needs. Targeting home users? Then we can hide most of the complex settings and focus on key decisions for a perfect print. Pre-made configurations will all end-users to print with a few clicks. Targeting professional users? We can give you access to more than 140 parameters to fully control your machine.


To make it simple even for the Pros, we created a setup wizard that will help you to configure your machine in no time. If needed we can work together to integrate any special add-on or specific software you may require for your business. Contact us for more details at [email protected]


Thanks to REALvision you will lower customers support call, increase their satisfaction and spend more time on developing your business!

Unique features to get the best results

We have developed our own algorithm for optimized pathfinding and achieve the quality you expect. We also loaded the slicer with a long list of high-end infills like 3D Gyroid, 3D diamond, 3D Isomax, 3D gyroid skeleton or lattice… to get the best internal structure for your parts.


Combined with our unique electronics platform, you will even be able to achieve up to 5 times faster print speed than normal standard FDM printers. Check out our YouTube channel to see our speed demos.


Last but not least, you can also encrypt your files after you sliced them. They will be decrypted by the electronics on the fly during the print process. This allows you to share your designs and grant unique access to your customers or partners. For more information about this option, please contact us at [email protected]

Realvision myminifactory window
Realvision slice view
Realvision workspace

Need a powerful 3D printer slicer?


The REALview feature is an augmented reality preview which enable users to have a better idea of their object size before launching the print. REALvision users will save time and money just using this feature to adjust their projects before print.