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Up to x5 times faster print speed

After 3 years of development, we launched the world-wide first real-time processor dedicated to 3D printing. Controlled by our in-house developed and optimized REALvision slicer software, our platform allows FDM printers to reach speeds up to 5 times faster than current market standards. 3D printer manufacturers can quickly test our technology by simply swapping their current controller with ours and setting up the right configuration. No firmware update needed, everything is managed from the slicer software.

High speed and secured 3D printing platform

The latest version of our platform now integrates Secured 3D printing as the file sent to the printer is encrypted after slicing, then decrypted on the fly directly on the machine. Such a solution allows new business models to emerge where companies, engineers, artists, could sell their creations online without people accessing the source file (.STL). A bit like listening to music on Spotify, you could now 3D print as much as you want based on your subscription.


We believe our platform can help the industry to move forward by fixing the intellectual property right issues and enabling more people to adopt 3D printing and unleash their creativity.

Reliable, frustration free!

Produced in Denmark, with high-grade components, our 3D printer controller is ideal for industrial needs. Reliable, Stable, it features all the safety securities you expect: ESD and back EMF protection/suppression, over voltage and over current protection (software defined), Reverse polarity protection, shortcut protection…


If you need Wifi, you can add our optional board module to plug onto the printer controller. This new development is using a high speed wifi optimized to transfer large files in no time to the printer. Contact us to try it now!

Bluefin 3 – SO DIMM compute module
3.2” color touch screen
Bluefin 3 – 3D printer controller board

Want to try our electronics? Ask us for a dev kit.

3D printer electronics kit for manufacturers & startups


Our 3D printer electronics kit will help you to discover the features of our board. It includes all the components required for 3D printer manufacturers to get started quickly. No matter if you are building a brand-new 3D printer or if you are looking to improve your existing 3D printer range, this kit will help you to build a high-performance 3D printer in no time. The kit also includes our easy to use slicer software with a new step by step setup wizard.

Bluefin 3.1