Secured 3D printing is the next revolution!

We believe 3D printing will become mainstream the day popular consumer brands start offering branded content. Imagine if your favorite DIY brands, sport brands, or toys brands could offer their digital products online. Of course, without loosing control over their intellectual property? Would you like to see your favorite brands 3D files? We do!


These brands could either sell the files or offer them for free, this is another debate. But most important they must be able to keep the source file ownership. This is what we achieved with our latest platform version! Moreover, file integrity is garanteed thanks to AES G-code encryption, which is critical for specific applications.

How does it work?

As an End user, you simply need to use a 3D printer integrating our platform. Using our dedicated slicer to prepare the secured print, the approach is similar to normal 3D printing.


We just add a step after the slicing: the file is not sent to the printer but kept on a secured server. After that, the designer publishes a secured catalogue to the end user who will select his files. At no time the end-user accesses the original file.  This guarantees nobody will be able to copy or alter it. Finaly, all slicing parameters are defined by the designer to ensure the best process and printability.


For maximum flexibility, the ID server can be hosted by Create it REAL or installed fully at customer site.

Secured printing solution for 3D printer manufacturers

IP Project

Key features:

– 3D objects AES encryption

– On the fly decryption at printer level

– Custom designer copyright protection (time/number of prints)

– File integrity guaranteed


Do you want to give it a try?

If you want to know more about our Secured printing solution for 3D printer manufacturers:  [email protected] or contact us via the contact page.

If you are a 3D file designer or represent a brand, let’s discuss about your project!


In addition, you can find more information on the electronic platform:

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