Discover REALvision unique features

We have created a set of video tutorials to help you discover REALvision unique features. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to let us know and we will work on it as soon as possible. Please use the form here.

REALvision – First Print

In this tutorial, you will learn about with REALvision interface, basic settings and icons. You will slice the famous 3Dbenchy and print it.

duration: 1mn02

REALvision – Custom configurations

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own custom configuration. You will also see most common parameters to use and discouver our unique 3D infills.

duration: 1mn04

REALvision – Download from MyminiFactory

In this tutorial, you will see how you can browse and download 3D files from your Myminifactory account directly into REALvision.

Discover more about Myminifactory!

duration: 52 seconds

REALvision – Help and Troubleshooting guide

In this tutorial, you will have a look at the troubleshooting guide. Discover issues with clear pictures, explanations about the potential cause, and of course a way to fix them.

duration: 1mn09

The perfect solution for 3D printer manufacturers

As you could see, REALvision is a reliable and intuitive 3D printing slicing software that can be customized to match the manufacturer’s needs.

Are you targeting home users? Then we can hide most of the complex settings and focus on key decisions for a perfect print thanks to REALvision Light. Pre-made configurations will help all end-users to print within a few clicks.

Are you targeting professional users? We can give you access to more than 140 parameters to fully control your machine.


Furthermore, to make it simple even for the Pros, we created a setup wizard that will help you to configure your machine in no time. If needed, we can work together to integrate any special add-on or specific software you may require for your business. Contact us for more details at [email protected]


In conclusion, thanks to REALvision you will lower customers support call, increase their satisfaction and spend more time on developing your business!