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You feel there is a huge potential for 3D printing in your business, however you are not sure where to start?

What is the best technology for you or your customers?

Should you invest directly or go through 3rd parties print services?

You want to train your team on this new technology but don’t have time to handle it yourself?

You want to value all the CAD files your team has created. What is the next step?


No matter the questions you ask yourself about 3D printing, our team of experts can help. Thanks to our unique position in the industry, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in different 3D printing technologies, materials and services. We can definitely support you or point to the right direction with the aid or our many contacts to help you to move to the next phase.

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Project definition

Issues identification

Strategy definition


Solutions proposal




Contact us to discuss your project and identify the best approach to meet your target. With more than 7 years experience in 3D printing, our team will help you to define your project and develop the strategy to move forward. Meetings/Trainings can be done in English, Danish and French anywhere in the world.