Software Engineering(Graphics) Internship


At Create it REAL, we always work on complex tasks, some of which require heavy computational work. We are looking for interns with a strong knowledge about mathematics and algorithms to help us solve concrete problems in our products.


Create it REAL

Based in Aalborg Create it REAL is a dedicated R&D team of ambitious professionals, with the mission to provide the technology that can get the 3D printing market to the next level. Our technological platform consists of a controller motherboard, and a slicing software, all developed in-house, meaning that our development includes electronics and PCB design, embedded software as well as high-level PC applications. We offer a dynamic workplace, with diverse challenges in an industry undergoing massive changes every day. We are an international team with a multidisciplinary approach to the projects we invest ourselves in. All in all, we can offer you challenging problems that will require you to challenge the status quo of the industry by putting your creativity and curiosity to use.



– Applying knowledge about various mathematical disciplines to the challenges we face in our technology.

– Developing features that can improve the performance and functionality of our software solution.


The ideal candidate will:

– Have a strong foundation in mathematical topics such as: 3D geometry, algorithm optimization etc.

– Have knowledge about heavy computational applications as well as optimization through parallelization or GPU acceleration.

– Have experience with computer graphics, for instance from video game development.

– Have experience with computer architecture, and algorithms.

– Be able to break down complex tasks into smaller goals, and pursue them.

– Have understanding about robotics and programming for machines.

– Have a good level of expression and comprehension in English (oral and written)


Through your internship at Create it REAL you will gain expert knowledge in a new field of technology that will grow exponentially through the following years. With a decade of experience in the field and an open-minded attitude, Create it REAL provides an amazing learning opportunity and can help start your career within one of the most promising new industries.


If you are interested in this position, and even though you are not completely the ideal candidate, contact us at [email protected]


September 2, 2019