3D printing process (Basic Principle)

3D printing is a technology which makes it possible to build real objects from virtual 3D objects. This is done by “cutting” the virtual object in 2D slices and printing the real object slice by slice. Slices are printed on top of each other and since each slice has a given thickness, e.g. 0.15 mm, the real object gains volume every time a slice is added.

Create it REAL platform

Back in 2013, we have launched the worldwide first real time processor dedicated to 3D printing. This breakthrough allowed us to develop FFF 3D printers printing up to 450mm/sec and moving up to 900mm/sec.

But that was not the only benefit. Developed with high grade electronic components, we also developed our own motherboard and stepper drivers, extremely reliable and scalable to meet any demand.

Finally, the best solution to manage all this was to develop our own software (slicer) which we id with REALvision. Fast and intuitive, this allowed us to offer customized solutions for every aspect of the 3D printing cycle.
Platon 3D printer parts


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