Weistek is one of the leading 3D printers Chinese provider. Reliable, fast and affordable, the IdeaWerk Speed is the ideal 3D printer for anybody willing to try 3D printing without investing too much, but still getting a professional device easy to use.

IdeaWerk Speed

Build volume of 150x150x140mm

E-Master (China only)

Build volume of 260 x 240 x 300 mm

Dynamo 3d

Dynamo 3D is an italian company who created the ferrari of the 3D printers ! Built to last and support high volume production, this range of customisable 3D printers is ideal for small companies who need a professional 3D printer


Build volume 240 x 240 x 250 mm


Build volume 240 x 240 x 600 mm

Aye Aye labs

Aye Aye Labs is a Polish company who entered the 3D printing market with a large and stylish 3D printer. Back to the 50’s with the HotRod Henry Supercharged that will print all your designs as quickly as you need.

HotRod Henry Supercharged

Build volume 350mm x 350mm x 600mm


      Slotspladsen 1 B

        9000 Aalborg, Denmark

     +45 25 24 87 11

     [email protected]

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