By 2021, Danish hospital food could be tailored to patient needs having difficulties to take their medicine. Ordered from their Ipad, the food will contain everything each patient need in their meal. Easy to eat and tasty, 3D printed food will probably have a positive effect on the mood too. Food 3D printing will disrupt not only the food industry, but also the health sector.


The project is the result of a partnership between Aarhus University, Aalborg Universitetshospital, Københavns Universitet , Arla Foods, DuPont and Create it REAL. It is supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark.


Create it REAL expertise is used to launch a dedicated 3D printer controller and IP control to secure recipes and patient’s medicine formulas.


One year into the project and the results are promising. The different teams are working on different aspects: the texture and taste of the food, as well as the shape or design will have a great impact on patient curiosity and interest. The medicine mix, control and impact on the final product are also critical. Create it REAL platform allows to control several syringes at the same time to feed the right amount of the different ingredients.


Very soon, patients will take their medicine without even knowing it. Enjoying a nice apple cake is much better than swallowing a few pills, don’t you think?

Are you in the health industry? Are you a food 3D printer manufacturer?


If you are interested in this project or you feel you can contribute, please contact us.

Food Printing project
Hospital food printing project
Food printing- carrot star
Arla- 3D printing food project