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Concrete 3D printing

Construction industry is going to face important changes in the coming years thanks to concrete 3D printing. Design, productivity, affordability, safety is going to be boosted by a new range of industrial printers to create new housing.

Create it REAL, thanks to its core technologies help Concrete 3D printer manufacturers to develop their solutions even faster, including the specific requirement such industry demands. Pathfinding algorithms, reliability features, customization needs are covered by our team to support our partners.


Check out REALvision slicer software if you want to find out more. Are you in the construction industry? Are you a  concrete 3D printer manufacturer?


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Partnership with S-Squared 4D: Changing the Way the World is Built

In 2019, S-Squared team (USA) and Create it REAL worked together on a new approach to 3D printing concrete. Thanks to S-Squared patent pending ARCS technology which allows multiple machines to interact harmoniously, creating a home with little or no human assistance is becoming a reality.


Project delays are no longer a concern; printing a home is possible in hours – not days or months. In fact, ARCS is capable of printing homes 30 times quicker than the traditional methods. Furthermore, safety is greatly improved with less accidents happening during the construction.


The 3D building process ushers in a new level of affordability for homeowners and businesses alike. S-Squared technology reduces construction costs by as much as 70%.


If you would like to get in touch with S-Squared 4D team please visit their contact page.

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