Create it REAL 3D printing approach for Education


Create it REAL 3D printing approach for education is based on developing intuitive solutions for students and teachers to discover 3D printing technologies and make the best use out of it.
For example, our solutions allow teachers in China to optimize their class time with high speed 3D printing. We also created sets of lessons to stimulate creativity. Through small projects students can print within the allocated class time. These lessons were based on teachers 3D printing approach for each student groups.


Similarly, since 2016 we started supplying schools in Aalborg Kommune with 3D printers for educational use. The project was a success and now more than half of Aalborg kommune schools use 3D printers. We are always fascinated by how the teachers and children embrace the technology, and create unique and innovative things.


Moreover, the schools have made heavy use of the printers for both the local entrepreneur competition “Project Edison” and the Aalborg sustainability festival. Students were able to show off their inventions and designs to excited audiences.


Intuitive solutions for students and teachers

In conclusion, the printing speeds that Create it REAL technology allow, have been highlighted as a key feature for successful classroom usage. It allows students to finish their prints within a class period.

At a European level, Create it REAL team partnered with several universities in the project described below.

3D printing approach for Education- workshops
3D printing approach for Education
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We are the Makers

We Are the Makers! is an Erasmus + project, led by the Kepler High School in Weil der Stadt, Germany. The project is co-funded by the European Commission in the Erasmus Plus Programme. (ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME, STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS (KEY ACTION 2). AGREEMENT NUMBER 2017- VG-IN-BW-17-36-035615).


The Project will lead to designing new learning and teaching methodology:  high school’s students will be involved in using 3D printers and programmable breadboards (design, manufacture and program intelligent objects). These activities are complementary and facilitating the way young people will have to work in tomorrow’s labor market.


The project We Are the Makers! Erasmus + was born from the collaboration between partners around e-nable in France. This non-profit organisation offers free 3D printed hands for children and young people suffering from agenesis ( lack of a limb in whole or in part).

Visit project's homepage to learn more

Teacher 3D printing training in Aalborg (Denmark)


French, Greek, Roman, Danish and Italian students, supported by their teachers, will learn to design in 3D and customize e-nable hands. Once validated, students regrouped in teams will be able to produce and offer their printed hands to e-Nable.


Together with this training, teachers and students will develop with Arduino small intelligent objects to connect to 3D hands? Children with disabilities could, thanks to these “increased hands”, interact with the environment in a better way.


In line with Create it REAL 3D printing approach for Education, the project aims to share all the outputs with schools and universities. If you are interested in more information, feel free to contact us.


Please visit REALvision page to learn more about the slicer.

We are the makers camp - 3D printing approach