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On demand 3D printers

You’re not a 3D printing expert, however you can feel how
3D printing will impact your own industry and you want to give it a try… but how?

You checked all the 3D printers on the market and none can
achieve what you have in mind in order to change the game in your own industry?

Not big enough? Not fast enough? Not reliable enough? Not all the features you need?

Don’t worry, our team of experts will design the 3D printer that will meet your very specific needs.

3d printer

It is now the time to change your industry

idea creation

We can build the 3D printer you need

Tell us what you want to achieve, the size of the build volume, the key characteristics you expect and we will find the best solution to make it happen. From small desktop up to industrial size 3D printer, we can make it real!

From a simple proof of concept to a full working prototype ready to be mass-marketed, we will discuss the best options for you.